FREEBIE – until 4/12

As a tribute to The Black Lands‘s scheduled release date of 5/23, take a free digital copy of The Girl with the Scar today!

(Offer ends 4/12)

Free on Amazon

Free on Amazon

10 responses

  1. Reblogged this on Lipsyy Lost & Found and commented:
    This sounds great! Grab your free copy.

    1. Thanks so much for the reblog!!

  2. I downloaded it!! Merci, Sir. :)

    1. Thanks, Sara!! That’s awesome.

  3. Would have loved to download it, but this link is for Amazon Kindle USA and stupid Amazon keeps telling me I must search for your books on kindle because that’s where my author’s account is registered (am also registered with Germany and France and thought with, but they keep ignoring this everytime I want to download somebody’s freebies…b**tards!). Anyway: Many Congrats on the book coming out!

      1. Thanks so much. Link opened, but I couldn’t get the kindle download to work. Not sure why, I’m registered. Nothing happened when I clicked on the Kindle to PC button.

        1. Amazon…amazon…amazon….Sorry about that, Maria. :(

          1. Perhaps I need to register and download a newer version of Kindle. Technology and Maria are unmixy things…sigh.

          2. Ahhhh…now that could be it, possibly??

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