PL T HOLES: Part 2

Where’s That Blasted ‘O’??

Ok. So we’ve found a plot hole. How do we cover it? And not just cover it. But how can we pack the dirt so tight, that no one even notices that there is something buried alive down there? We start with this. Plot holes want to live! They are the Frankensteins of our day.

And why do they want to live? It’s because if we keep them, then we don’t have to work hard to fix them, and we use our God-like powers to force our helpless little protag along the way.

I stopped watching the Underworld series within the first twenty minutes. Why? Besides the fact that it was a bad movie, I could not get passed the fact that the protag, Selene, is being chased by werewolf down a hallway, and what does she do? Does she jump out the window? No. Of course not. That’s too easy. She uses her unlimited ammo in her two handguns and blasts a circle around her feet so that she can drop through the floor of the apartment building. Sigh….

So here we go. How can we get Selene out without digging a grave? She could jump out the window. She is a vampire, I mean, c’mon. Or she could fight the werewolf. Or she could run down the stairs. Or, when all else fails, the scene could be cut. How dare I?

What’s important here is that if we have the decision of creating a plot hole or cutting the scene. Cutting the scene always takes precedence.

I will wrap this up, somewhat, in the next thread. Beware. H pefully th se ‘O’s’ will have returned.

2 thoughts on “PL T HOLES: Part 2

  1. atoasttodragons

    Interesting. I liked the Underworld series (1 and 3, anyway). If I recall correctly, the hall Selene ran down only had apartments in it (apartments which may have had windows, of course, but there weren’t any windows leading out of the hall.) In the midst of hairy combat, it is reasonable that her thinking wasn’t perfectly clear. So, she ran down the hall, got cornered, and shot out the floor. I thought it was kind of cool, myself. But, hey, not everyone agrees.

  2. Anonymous

    I appreciate the comment @atoasttodragons. Thanks.

    It was a cool scene, but the point that I am making is a little different, however. There were no windows, but a simple write in could have put them there. The point that I was making was that infinite ammo is unrealistic. But just as unrealistic was that she shot through the floor fell through. Structurally this is impossible or highly unlikely, and the world that was created for Underworld was not one of stunts and feats like say, James Bond where every stunt he does is unreal, but they make you believe that he can do them.

    Also, the time that it took for Selene to shoot out the floor far exceeded the rate at which the wolf was charging at her. You and I would both agree that good scenes don’t make good movies of those scenes are inconsistent with the created world — the movie “bubble” that should not burst.

    Thanks again @atoasttodragons.


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