Writing With Pictures

On Fridays, I would like to take an instruction break and do some style training per my blogrollees at Fresh Ink. This is where we take a picture and describe it. Please feel free to join in with insights. Either add to the story or start your own. Either way, let’s see that free style writing flow!

Our first test will be the image at the top of my page. Here it is again for the sake of format:

The sunlight leaned in from the west. The trees stood like soldiers, parting the way down the isolated trail. Small mounds of raked leaves lined the grass next to the path, not daring to intrude.

[This is where we choose our genre. I’m going to go with romance.]

She had finally done it. She said she would, and now, here it was, four months later, and she had finally done it. I knew she would leave me. I always believed her. But I guess I took her for granted.

All those times that I walked away from her. All those times that I hung up on her or sent terminal text messages telling her how I didn’t care if we never talked again. All those times of not eating what she cooked for me or how I frustratedly peaked around her while she sang in front of the television. It had all added up. To what? To this…. Me walking down this lonely road. Away from everything. To find…the one…who broke…my…heart.

2 thoughts on “FREESTYLE FRIDAY

  1. mariathermann

    Harold walked down the deserted lane, absentmindedly counting the sheep in the field next to him. He’d pulled it off – the money was safely hidden behind the sheep’s trough in the shack at the end of their meadow. He knew that still left him with the problem of Kate and Greg, but perhaps he could arrange a little accident for them…Greg’s rust bucket of a car was prone to failure at the most inopportune moments…yes, that was the beginning of a plan.

    Counting the trees on either side of the lane, Harold wondered how often he’d walked down this woodland retreat, alone, plotting the heist, planning the details, dreaming of a future free of money worries, free of put downs by his boss, a life devoid of jealousy, a future without Kate.

    Thanks for following my blog! Hope the above fits into your writing prompt idea.

    1. Anonymous

      That’s great. That’s a great take on the scene. Not to mention it’s a great place to hide some money. Great work @mariathermann. 🙂


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