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With fantasy, one thing that readers expect is to have the world unfold as the character experiences it. Think of it like a Fruit-Rollup that you eat one piece at a time, peeling it away from the wax paper until it’s all gone. Can’t you just taste how delicious that is?

That’s one of fantasy’s strong points. Being able to reveal your world in a flavorful way keeps the reader as enchanted as the characters. But how can this be done?

One thing that your main must realize is that he cannot complete the quest without gaining some type of new strength or power. You may want to create the heroic hero with chiseled abs and muscles as defined as mountain peaks, but there still must be some things that he can’t do.

A good example of a boring fantasy is Conan with Arnold Schaeaeoafad-negger (or however you spell his name…I don’t feel like looking it up haha). He’s this massive bodied powerhouse who just goes around punching camels in the face because of how strong he is. There really isn’t much of a sense of discovery. This is bad fantasy. Opening up new avenues to empower your character brings a fresh feeling to your work.

Think. What could add a flash of lightning to your work? Could your main discover a new sword with powers? Could your main discover that he’s a wizard? Could your main find out that his deceased mother is still alive, helping him in her angelic form?

Just ask the right questions. What works within your world? In my WIP, instead of having the powers be something personal, it’s a scientific discover that enhances the technology of the time.

These types of things show your reader that your characters are just as amazed with the created world as you want the reader to be. Remember, you are the god of your story, and you can create whatever you want for whatever purpose you want. It just has to fit in the realm that you’ve imagined.

Think about the post from two days ago: FANTASTIC FANTASY. It’s not what you create that matters; it’s how you present it. Twenty years ago, bottled water seemed dumb! But now look at it. It’s a phenomenon.

The same will be true in your writing. You could have gorillas with wings that come down and pound the people every Saturday afternoon during tea time. Dumb, right? Not if the characters’ fear is real.

Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy your weekend!

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