The past few weeks have been overwhelming with adjusting to a new child, working two jobs, finishing a trilogy, etc.

I am slowly moving back into the blogsphere after an unexpected hiatus. That said, I’d like to keep moving along, but my plan for blogging will be different in that I will have to reduce the number of blogs that I write so that I can maintain my sanity.

Thanks for your understanding.

2 thoughts on “A FEW CHANGES

  1. juliehhicks

    I for one definitely understand blogging needing to take a backseat just a bit – I think every other reader will agree. Sanity is a wonderful thing to maintain! 🙂

    1. William Stadler Post author

      Yeah thanks Julie! I hope to do at least three a week but 5 – 8 a week is a lot. Thanks for understanding and I appreciate your faithful readership


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