If you’re a book lover like me, then you’re probably in the hunt for the next big thing – the next book that you can read and really think, “Wow…that was exactly what I needed.” In fact, just recently I was thinking that I could really spend days entrenched in books and reading and writing – not a good practice, but hey, who says introverts can’t have fun too?

Recently, I came across a site called The Fussy Librarian. This site is pretty awesome! When you sign up, you can choose from over 40 different genres that you like. I’m not much into Romance, so obviously that genre was not selected. And if you can tell, I’m big on fantasy and sci-fi, so clearly those were chosen, along with mysteries and thrillers and a few others that might make you gag.

You can also set your sex and violence settings. Naturally, I turned the volume down on the sex scenes, but blasted it on the violence. Nothing wrong with reading about a guy getting his noggin knocked off with vivid descriptions of broken teeth and brains…right? Not necessarily my cup of tea, by the way, but I can handle it every now in then. Though the erotic sex I stay away from.

That’s what great about The Fussy Librarian. Once you decide what you want, then the TFL does rest. They send out a newsletter with 5 books that might pique your interest, and I’ve already bought a book for myself and I’m 20% through it. Smh…one day I’ll get a life and stop reading about other people’s.

Anyway, you’ll love the site. And for you authors out there, it’s a great way to have your book featured if it meets their qualifications. And on top of that: it’s free! Enjoy.

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