Guest Post #3 – William Stadler ‘Stadler Style’

Here’s a guest post I did some time ago. It may be of interest to new writers.

Illa Poeta

Day 3 of our Guest Post Week has arrived – I hope you have enjoyed the series so far. Today we have William Stadler from Stadler Style and I’m so excited that he agreed to be interviewed. I have followed his blog from the very beginning and I have a habit of printing out his ‘Tip’ posts to refer to – he publishes the best tip posts! New or established writers please heed my call…..Visit his blog! It will not disappoint!

Ok, so here is the interview. Enjoy 🙂

1/ What Inspired You To Write Your Current WIP/Published Work?

This is such an interesting question. I’ve always enjoyed writing. I can remember back in second grade whenever we’d have writing assignments, and the teacher would give us six or seven lines to fill in. I’d use those seven lines, and then I’d turn the sheet over and fill up half…

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