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So I’m one of those guys who loves a kick-butt female lead. This book did not disappoint. I got the chance to take a gander and wow was I surprised.

One in the Chamber has it all.
Interesting characters.
Interesting plot.
Interesting plot twists.
Witty humor.

This book follows Detective Andrea Mainiero, a thirty-something detective chick with a nose for clues, a love for her job, and a hatred for the bad guys.

The novel starts off with a blast as a team of gunmen (and a gunwoman – funny how my spell check doesn’t think gunwoman is a real word) invades Andrea’s house, shooting up the place with berettas and shotguns. Andrea handles business, but not without incident.

Her old partner goes missing and she and her current partner Bret Gamble have to turn over some stones to find her.

1.Characters ( 1 star)
When it comes to characters, I’m like all other readers in that characters are supreme for me. One in the Chamber has crisp characters who have distinct personalities.

There’s Andrea who’s a contemplative detective with a quick wit. Bret’s the handsome sidekick  partner who can’t figure out how he ended up in a dead-end marriage. Their captain is an eyebrow raised prick, always trying to get the angle on his subordinates, and there’s a host of others.

What I like is that each character has some pretty good Stage Presence. Each one has his own goals and personality, and when they are the focus, they hold the attention well.

2.Writing Style (0 star)
The writing is quick and easy when it needs to be, and then hits the brakes whenever descriptions arise. I found it easy to follow along with this quick read, having no question what the writer was referring to from scene to scene.

I did find some repeated phrases here and there that started to get to me, so I’m not going to give a star in this field, just because it took my attention away from time to time, but the author draws you back in with great dialogue and plot progression.

3.Plot (1 star)
The plot made sense right away. There is a crime organization. This crime organization has hired people to get a job done – namely kill Detective Mainiero – who her partner calls Manny. The job fails. Now Andrea has to find the home invaders while uncovering truths about her previous partner’s kidnapper.

The plot is linear and simple and straight to the point.

I do like that we get into the head of the kidnapper from time to time. It’s rather creepy to follow behind this nutjob.

4.Believability (1 star)
This field is either a yes or no. Usually a book will get a 1 star in this category if I don’t end up casting the book out (in my Heath Ledger Joker voice) – like a leper!

But, yeah, the credibility of the story is great. The characters have genuine emotions without being bratty or whiny or catty or dramatic.

5. Grammar (1 star)
There are hardly any typos in this text which makes for an easy read. I found a couple here and there, but nothing too jolting.

All in all, this is a great book that I’m sure many crime / thriller readers will enjoy. Beware, it does have language – and not just English.

You can buy the book for $0.99 at Amazon. Couldn’t find it at B&N. Maybe later? Great price for a great read. Looking forward to Steel Revolver: Case 2.

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