Getting the right cover designer can be a headache! And a pocket ache, might I add.

I’ve spent my share of dough on covers, and quite frankly, I’d much like not to do it anymore, if I don’t have to. If you’ve ever had to get a cover done, you know how much of a pain it can be.

Here’s what I’ve found regarding cover designers:

1.Expert Subjects:
Price Points:
ebook – 139.00
ebook & hardcopy – 224.00

PROS: Communication was easy and seamless. They contacted me back with designs within 48 hours. Their prices are the lowest I’ve found with reasonable market quality.

CONS: I had this company do my designs for THE PIONEERS. They were pretty good, for the most part. I hired them for DARK CONNECTION (not the covers that you see to the right), and the files were pretty much unusable. The final prints had smudges on the copy, and they looked like some basic cut and paste jobs that I could have done myself. Overall, I won’t use them again.

2. Streetlight Graphics
Price Points:
ebook – 300.00
ebook & hardcopy – 400.00

PROS: This experience was awesome. Email correspondence is smooth, and they have a great attitude about the work they provide. If I have to pay, this is for sure the company I like. They invoice through PayPal in two payments – one up front and the other once the final is accepted. They designed my Dark Connection covers.

CONS: They typically have a 3-month wait, because of their current workload.

3. Damonza
ebook – 395.00
ebook & hardcopy – 495.00

I’ve never used this company before, but they have a great portfolio and great reviews. They also offer predesigned covers, which I’m not usually interested in, since I write series.

4. IPiccy

With this site, you design your own. I tried it for my book that is set to be released May 1, and it definitely works great. SEIZE THE SOUL. It can be a bit finicky, but for free covers, I think it’s awesome.

Just for those who aren’t too savvy with an editing program and who don’t know how the parameters for book covers, I will offer my services to you.
ebook – 35.00
hardcopy – 50.00

I’m not that great, but I do enjoy it, so if you want a halfway descent cover, and you don’t want to spend a lot of money, just email me at stadlerstyle@gmail.com.

Let me know your thoughts!

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