Scales of a Dragon Trader – The Spellbinder Book 1 (Seven Rivers World) #storytelleruk2017 #amazon


scalesofadragontraderThe First Release of the Seven Rivers Saga

Black-marketing dragons is a dangerous game. The dragons might turn on their owners. The authorities might discover the hidden trade routes. Or worse. The very people who intend to buy the beasts might just be the very ones whom the traders need to fear the most.

It’s the very reason that Erandus Iota and his wife want out. Too much can go wrong. Unfortunately for them, when the stakes are high, nothing ever seems to go right.

On their final dragon run, the two of them stumble upon what appears to be an ambush. They fight for their lives, but all is lost when the dragon trade goes sour. Now, through swords and magic and sheer iron will, Erandus and his wife must scramble to pick up the pieces of a life that is shattered beyond all repair.

In a world rich with magic and fantasy, this is exactly what the readers want! Enter the world of Seven Rivers.

#Amazon #StorytellerUK2017




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