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13 thoughts on “Contact Me

    1. William Stadler Post author

      hey, i can’t find the excerpts. could you link them to me. I love the book cover btw. I meant to tell you that the other day.

  1. Incy Black

    Hi William

    Just wanted to say that I stumbled on this site and find your clear approach very helpful. Have saved to my fav. bar and shared on Facebook.


    1. William Stadler Post author

      Incy, I really appreciate that. Thank you so much for your support. I really hope to make lasting connections here on Word Press.

  2. juliehhicks

    Hey Will, this is a bit random but a fellow blogger invited me to participate in a blog tour of sorts that basically asks 10 interview type questions you type out and post on your blog. I’m posting my answers a little later today but one of the directions is to include links for other writers’ blogs who then post their answers a week later. Naturally, I thought of you – if you’re interested I’ll send the Q’s along.

    1. wstadler Post author

      Julie you know what I just realized…I didn’t give you my email address :-/ soooo sorry. If its not too late my email address is Smh I apologize about that. I had been looking for your email wondering why I hadn’t gotten it.

    1. wstadler Post author

      Thanks La’tia!! I appreciate the encouragement. I’d love to see you succeed as an author, and its so refreshing to create characters and stories! 🙂


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