Confessions of a Summoner

Your luck has run out.


Rebekah Scarlet is celebrating her twenty-third birthday at a midnight pub in downtown Raleigh when fired gunshots send the freezing January night into a blazing panic. In an effort to escape, Rebekah conjures a powerful entity from the dead to protect her. Only, her summoning fails when bullets tear through her side, leaving her unconscious as cops and ambulances race to the scene.

Waking up in a cold hospital bed, Rebekah and her easy-going shapeshifter friend, Lyle Finnegan, tries to piece together the clues to discover why a killer is after them and what the killer wants.

With little help from the paranormal community, the two of them must ward off vampires and werewolves, to name a few, if they want to unearth why Rebekah is the killer’s primary target.

Their luck is running out, when what they find is a mystery that neither of them would have ever hoped for.

When lightning strikes.


With the Master Summoner out of the way, shapeshifter Lyle Finnegan and his best friend, Rebekah Scarlet, have to pick up the pieces if they want their lives to fall back to normal.

However, an unexpected phone call changes all that when Healing Druid Stephanie McPherson asks for a favor.

After a brief cup of coffee, Lyle learns that a powerful Shaman has made his way to Raleigh with one thing in mind. Find the Druid and take her down. Not wanting to get mixed up with Stephanie and whatever she’s gotten herself into, Lyle refuses to help her until a mysterious knock on his door becomes the most shocking experience of his life.

Business is good.


Shapeshifter Lyle Finnegan faces an impossible situation when Anton LaCastro, the Fairy Godfather, offers him two options. Either his parents will be murdered, or his love interest Stephanie McPherson. The choice is entirely up to him.

Refusing to let either of them be killed, Lyle must use all his cunning to outwit and outmaneuver Anton in hopes that he can rescue Stephanie and his parents. However, the Fairy Godfather is a man of his word and will stop at nothing to see his promises to the end.

In a mind-blowing twist of fate, Lyle unearths what lies deep within his soul, and what he finds is a darkness that will change his world forever.

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