Struck from the Heavens

Betrayed, but not broken


With the Imprecari crime organization vying for expansion to the west, drastic changes must be enforced to achieve global domination. Blade Bandit Desenius Dylandonai, while on a routine raid to the small town of Saluma, is brutally murdered by his long-time comrade Soltar Ulanus.

But everyone deserves a second chance.

Mysteriously arising from a burning pyre, Desenius makes his way back to his home city with one thing on his mind. Find Soltar and make him pay for his betrayal.

With newfound mystical powers, Desenius now has all he needs to take down his killer. But, as fate has it, what he finds is a mystery that burns him to the core.

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Even in darkness, you cannot hide


The western crime organization has crumbled, giving way to the rise of the Imprecari. However, those are the concerns of the consulate, not for the average citizen.

As struggling lumberjacks, Fire Slinger Desenius Dylandonai and Ground Runner Ghamuna Alhyo have embraced their attempt at a normal life, taking up residence in a lowly hovel outside of the bustling city of Calo.

Despite his desire for the mundane, the life of the underground wrenches Desenius back in when the Imprecari threaten to annihilate an entire class of Strucks known as Mimics.

At the risk of crossing The Imprecator, Desenius must choose if he will allow the Mimics to be slain, or if he will rise up and rage war against the Imprecari.


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