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HOW TO BE TOTALLY AWESOME {note the Family Guy referenece above}

So for a limited time (not sure how limited – but certainly not longer than the end of the world – but probably until I run out of supplies), I will literally be GIVING AWAY awesome T-Shirts of EXTRACTED.

And how can one receive a free T-Shirt?

Simply request a size ALONG WITH which province from EXTRACTED you’d want to be associated with if you were a citizen of Clydenholm:

NATURALISTS Jade Emblem : Command creatures via psyche. Communicate through thoughts.
SPIRITUALISTS Violet Emblem : Command spirits – both from the living and the dead.
POLARISTS Azure Emblem : Lower temperatures with the best being able to raise temperatures.
MATERIALISTS Auburn Emblem : Separates molecules and reforms them to create usable compounds.

With your EXTRACTED T-Shirt, you will also receive an emblem corresponding to the province which you selected.

Just comment on this page with which province you like best, then email that comment along with your address, and I’ll get your gift to you right away!! (Remember to include your T-shirt size in the email).

Send to: StadlerStyle@gmail.com

Note: T-Shirt text says: The Pioneers Extracted by William Stadler.



Free Digital Photos

Looking at the world through the eyes of the protagonist will help to develop a fuller story. This is a basic principle of writing.

Using the protagonist can assist with creating empathy for your themes, your premise, and for your other characters.

Think about Wilson. There is no other inanimate object as well-known and as personified as him. Who is Wilson? He’s the volleyball from Cast Away with Tom Hanks. Continue reading


Writing With Pictures

On Fridays, I would like to take an instruction break and do some style training per my blogrollees at Fresh Ink. This is where we take a picture and describe it. Please feel free to join in with insights. Either add to the story or start your own. Either way, let’s see that free style writing flow!

Our first test will be the image at the top of my page. Here it is again for the sake of format:

Continue reading