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PL T HOLES: Part 2

Where’s That Blasted ‘O’??

Ok. So we’ve found a plot hole. How do we cover it? And not just cover it. But how can we pack the dirt so tight, that no one even notices that there is something buried alive down there? We start with this. Plot holes want to live! They are the Frankensteins of our day.

And why do they want to live? It’s because if we keep them, then we don’t have to work hard to fix them, and we use our God-like powers to force our helpless little protag along the way.

I stopped watching the Underworld series within the first twenty minutes. Why? Besides the fact that it was a bad movie, I could not get passed the fact that the protag, Selene, is being chased by werewolf down a hallway, and what does she do? Does she jump out the window? No. Of course not. That’s too easy. She uses her unlimited ammo in her two handguns and blasts a circle around her feet so that she can drop through the floor of the apartment building. Sigh…. Continue reading