The Pioneers

A man must die to himself, if he ever hopes to live.

While on a routine mission in the neighboring province of Broughtonhaven, Caleb Eaves and his squadron are ambushed by a band of assassins.

Left to die in an icy prison, Caleb has not heard from his wife who has gone missing, and he fears that his people have abandoned him.

He must find a way to escape and track down his attackers if he ever hopes to regain the life he once he had.

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A dead man cannot resurrect himself.

Six months have passed since the victory at Bachenlaw. A new and incompetent governor has been named the head of the Polarist Region, and Broughtonhaven is at risk of being Dominated by these cold-blooded neighbors to the northwest.

The Spiritualists plummet into darkness as they struggle to defend themselves from their invaders.

The Alpha Council has refused to intervene, while Caleb, Sarai, and the Pioneers fear for the fate of the mainland. They must discover how to empower the Spiritualists if they hope to keep Broughtonhaven from crumbling.

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Through the burden of others, a man is raised from the grave.

Since the last war, the mainland of Clydenholm has known peace for the past three years. The Pioneers have settled their own civil disputes, and the life of tranquility that Caleb has longed for seems to be within his grasp.

What he soon realizes is that this life is farther from him than he knows. While on an Emblem Run in the Polarist Region, Caleb and Sarai discover that they are being watched, spied on by the Alpha Council.

The location of the Pioneers is on the brink of being revealed, and if Juten is discovered, the Alphas promise to demolish the entire island, abandoning the Pioneers to their death.

Amidst it all, a dark evil looms over Clydenholm, one that threatens to expose the very wickedness of its inhabitants.

Caleb and Sarai must face their own darkness if Clydenholm will be saved.

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